Was your company impacted by the Great Resignation? Employees began leaving their positions in record numbers during 2021, with 47.4 million American workers voluntarily quitting. These trends trickled into 2022, with data showing that more than 50 million workers left positions during the year.

What is causing employees to leave their jobs in record numbers? There are countless contributing factors, such as low pay, no opportunities for advancement, and a poor work life balance.

If your business was affected by mass resignations, you might need to tweak your company culture and outlook on employment to attract new talent. This is where employer seals can come in, showcasing the benefits of working at your company.

Understanding the basics of an employer seal, the benefits, the application process, the tentative cost, and how to find the right seal company to work with is important to position your business for talent acquisition coming out of the Great Resignation.

What is an Employer Seal?

An employer seal like Top Employer (USIQ) or “Worlds Best Employer” is a form of public recognition that businesses receive for providing a positive work environment. This helps distinguish your business from competitors and can lead to more job applications and lower turnover. Employer seals like can take on many different forms, from recognition for inclusivity measures and job promotions to prioritizing mental health and equal pay.

Why Should Companies Use an Employer Seal?

Receiving an employer seal provides various benefits for your company outside of talent attraction. Here are a few of the benefits of retaining an employer seal:

Highlights Core Values

Core values are becoming more important as the workforce is now prioritizing companies with similar values and ethics. If your core values are to provide your employees with a manageable work life balance, it’s important that you have a reputable employer seal backing those claims.

This is especially true with the next workforce wave, as Gen Z workers are concerned with the ethical values of corporate culture. If your employees are your top priority, having an employer seal can help show current and prospective employees that you are serious about your initiatives.

Indicates Diversity Initiatives

Companies that maintain diversity employer seals may appeal to a wider group of talent. Your business should have a diversity seal for each race or class of worker. For example, having a seal that shows your support for the LQGTQ+ community as well as the Latino community, and not bunching them up into one diversity seal. Companies that have multiple diversity seals are more likely to rank better among candidates.

Although there’s no guarantee that an employer seal will sway a candidate to choose your business over a competitor, it does not cause any harm and can meet pre-selection criteria for applicants.

Attracts New Candidates

With the recent periods of high turnover, many companies are fighting for qualified candidates. This means you need to be differentiating your business and displaying your competitive edge. With the proper employer seals, candidates will understand your commitment to employee values, increasing the number of applicants.

If your business needs qualified labor, you want to appeal to as many candidates as possible. This gives you the opportunity to select the best fit for your team without having to compromise on qualifications.

Promotes Brand Image

The brand image of your business is important. Not only does your brand image dictate market perception and sales, but it is also evaluated by candidates before they apply for a position. A brand image that supports a positive work environment can make employees want to work for your business and focus on other factors besides pay.

For example, if your business offers a comprehensive time off package, candidates who value time off would want to work there and may be willing to accept a lower salary. This provides your business with leverage and can help you establish credibility and trust in your industry.

Fosters Employee Productivity

Your employees can either contribute to the success of your organization or play a part in its downfall. Consistent efforts toward a positive work environment can foster employee productivity. Is an employee likely to be very productive when they dread going to work every day and spend their free time looking for new positions? Probably not.

Using an employer seal holds your company to a higher standard, which trickles down to the work ethic of your employees. Employees that are supported and uplifted by their employers will have more loyalty, passion, and drive for the work they are completing.

How Do You Get an Employer Seal?

Employer seals aren’t just given out to any company. Instead, you need to demonstrate why your business should be receiving recognition. The process generally includes the following steps:

  1. Preliminary Audit – Most employer seal companies will require you to complete a preliminary audit. This entails providing details on why your business is a good recipient of the seal. In some cases, the preliminary audit is substantiated by independent employee surveys to minimize the risk of fraud.
  2. On-Site Audit – If you pass the preliminary audit, you may need to have an on-site audit. The certification agency will focus on members of HR and employees and dive deeper into your company culture and the specifics of the seal you are applying for. In some cases, the on-site audit will be held virtually instead of in person depending on the location of your business.
  3. Certification Audit – The certification audit ensures you have met all of the criteria for the employer seal and may include follow-up questions and additional inquiries.
  4. Certificate Issuance – After you have satisfied all of the audit requirements, your company will be issued the employer seal. This includes the right to use the seal throughout your business for a predetermined time period.
  5. After-Sales Support – Finding ways to implement the new employer seal can be confusing, which is why most certification businesses offer after-sales support. This ensures you are properly leveraging the seal you worked hard to obtain.
  6. Monitoring Audit – Once you receive your employer seal, you can’t just sit back and relax. Instead, you must maintain your employer seal by following all of the regulations.
  7. Renewal – Your employer seal will need to be renewed after a certain time period lapses, which might entail going through all of the steps over again. Your business shouldn’t view the renewal process as negative, but instead, as an opportunity to tweak your policies and procedures to be an employer that candidates are drawn to.

Each company will have slightly different steps that your business needs to go through before being awarded an employer seal.

What Does an Employer Seal Cost?

Employer seal costs can vary based on the seal you are seeking. Some employer seal companies charge a rate based on how many employees a company has. For example, USIQ charges between $2990 to $7990 including the necessary surveys, evaluation and a marketing package für Top Employer (USIQ).

However, this pricing structure doesn’t fit all employer seal companies. Some businesses may charge a flat rate based on the size of your company. It’s important to ask about the charges you can expect before beginning the audit process.

How Do I Recognize Reputable Employer Seals?

There are countless employer seal companies out there, making it important to choose the right one. A reputable employer seal company will have a defined certification process, eliminating any gimmicks or unfair practices.

In addition, the employer seal company you work with should have clear communication lines. You shouldn’t wait weeks or months to hear back about the status of your certification. Instead, there should be open communication throughout the entire process, ensuring you are both on the same page.

Furthermore, a reputable employer seal company won’t have a one-size-fits-all process. After all, each business is unique. Be sure your prospective employer seal company implements processes tailored to your business and based on the seal you are looking to receive.

Why Should an Employer Seal Include an Employee Survey?

An employee survey isn’t always required to obtain an employer seal, but it can provide expanded insight into the operations of your company. You can use the feedback to improve and create a better work environment for your staff. This can increase customer loyalty and reduce employee turnover, allowing you to safeguard your top resource, which is your employees.

Employer Seal: Top Employer

Employer Seal: Top Employer


Does it sound like you can benefit from obtaining an employer seal? Most companies find added brand awareness, access to a larger talent pool, and lower turnover when their work environment is prioritized and backed by an employer seal.

Finding the right company can feel overwhelming. Luckily, the team at United States Institute for Quality LLC has you covered. Our team has the resources and capabilities to issue you a meaningful employer seal, allowing you to leverage all of these benefits and more.

Reach out to one of our team members today to get started.


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