Seal of approval for companies


The USIQ, United States Institute for Quality, develops various quality standards and seals of approval, giving consumers assurance and helping companies stand out from the competition.

USIQ’s certifications were developed according to scientific criteria and offer certified organizations comprehensive added value in addition to the seal of approval.

With our employer seals, Top Employer (USIQ) or Family Friendly Employer (USIQ), you will learn what your employees think about you as an employer and receive our marketing package to more easily attract new employees.

With the Top Service (USIQ) and Customer Recommendation (USIQ) seals of approval, you can optimize your customer service through our evaluation of the independent customer survey. In addition, our Sustainability Seal Sustainable Company (USIQ) and Climate Neutral Company (USIQ) seals allow you to credibly demonstrate your sustainability and/or climate neutrality.

With all successful certifications, you receive a certificate, our marketing package, and a high-quality seal of approval. Due to the included comprehensive survey, our certifications also provide data for future decisions through the survey results, which are made available to you.

Surveying your employees, in the case of our employer seals, or your customers, in the case of our service seals, demonstrates your appreciation by actively involving them in the company’s development. Our sustainability certifications also make a positive contribution through voluntary compensation of greenhouse gas emissions in climate protection projects.

What distinguishes our seals of approval



Certified companies are often more successful in their field of business because they value quality.


Customer and employee surveys show appreciation for the respondents and thus increase their trust.


With certification, you receive the survey results, which help derive actions to optimize customer experience or employee orientation.


Successful certifications are published on our website. This can increase your publicity and create more transparency.


Our procedures have been designed based on current research results and meet scientific standards.


If you are successfully certified, you’ll receive appropriate seal graphics, a certificate to display, and a suitable profile page for your company.

Four steps to the seal of approval and certificate


Send us your request and we will send you the information for the specific certification you’re applying for. Accept our offer and the process begins.


The next step is a short, appropriate survey of your employees (Top Employer) or customers (Top Service), depending on the certification. The company must also answer a brief questionnaire.


We will carry out the necessary evaluation over the next few days. Then, you will receive an evaluation and can derive any necessary actions for your company.


If approved, you will be successfully certified and receive the appropriate seal graphics. You will also receive our marketing package, which includes the appropriate display, certificate, video, and a relevant profile page for your company..

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