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The USIQ certify companies in the United States as Climate Neutral Company (USIQ)

We are certify companies as Climate Neutral Company. Demonstrate your commitment to climate protection.

Climate Neutral Company (USIQ) helps you demonstrate your commitment to climate protection and communicate it through the USIQ climate neutrality certification seal. The urgent need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and address environmental challenges has been increasingly recognized in recent years.

The Climate Neutral Business Standard is designed for companies of various sizes, aiming to raise awareness of climate change issues among a wide range of stakeholders. It seeks to initiate greenhouse gas emissions reduction efforts and inform consumers about sustainable practices.

The certification process begins with compiling a CO2 balance sheet to determine existing greenhouse gas emissions according to the USIQ standard, which aligns with the internationally recognized Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG Protocol).

Various sources of emissions are considered, including electricity consumption, heating systems and vehicle emissions, as well as business travel by employees and paper consumption. Greenhouse gas emissions that cannot currently be reduced can be offset through recognized programs to achieve the status of “Climate Neutral Company (USIQ).”

To obtain certification as a climate-neutral company with a rating of “very good,” 100% compensation of unavoidable greenhouse gas emissions in Scope 1, Scope 2, and partially in Scope 3 is required. Our certification as a climate-neutral company exceeds the basic requirements of Scope 1 and Scope 2.

We prioritize climate protection projects that comply with the stringent Gold Standard. This certification standard is globally recognized for its strict criteria, ensuring the additionality of climate protection projects and adherence to numerous other sustainable development requirements.


What distinguishes the USIQ seal of CLIMATE NEUTRAL COMPANY?

We have developed the “Climate Neutral Company (USIQ)” standard based on the Company’s Carbon Footprint (CCF). To maintain independence, the certification and auditing process is carried out by the independent certification company, SQC-QualityCert, in accordance with the USIQ standard for climate-neutral companies.

The goal of the certification is to initiate a continuous reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Certified companies will receive a monitoring system, represented by our CO2 balance table, to track their existing greenhouse gas emissions.


All certifications are based on criteria developed by USIQ. SQC-QualityCert conducts neutral audits through random document audits as an independent certification company.


When you receive certification as a “Climate Neutral Company (USIQ),” you will receive customized seal graphics, a high-quality certification certificate, and matching acrylic displays, along with your dedicated sub-page for effective communication.



Successful certifications are published on our website with dedicated sub-pages. We also provide a link to your company website, allowing interested consumers to verify the authenticity of the certification and obtain further information.



Successful certification can be published on our website. With the Climate Neutral Company (USIQ) seal, you show that you have undergone a review by an external provider.


As part of the certification process, we provide a monitoring tool to track your greenhouse gas emissions. This enables you to have a comprehensive overview of your emissions and work towards continuous reduction.


Increase your attention with an award as CLIMATE NEUTRAL COMPANY. You will successfully set yourself apart from other companies with our award.


Our principles

  • First, your CO2 emissions will be recorded. SQC-QualityCert will provide you with a table to fill in your emission data. Afterward, you will receive an offer that includes the calculated compensation amount.

  • SQC-QualityCert will request evidence to verify the provided information through a random document review. Subsequently, compensation for the unavoidable emissions will take place in a climate protection project.

  • If you have fully compensated for 100% of the unavoidable emissions, you will receive the certificate as a “Climate Neutral Company (USIQ)” with a rating of “very good.” With compensation ranging from 90% to 99.99%, you will receive a rating of “good,” and with compensation from 85% to 89.99%, you will receive a “satisfactory” rating.

  • You will receive the certification certificate, the quality seal in two versions (2023/2024 and 2024/2025), two acrylic displays.

Costs of certification

The costs of .

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